Ok, so you may not actually lay your head to rest in the lighthouse itself, but you can bunker down in historic lighthouse keepers’ quarters at places like Montague Island, just off the coast of Narooma in NSW.

Montague Island Tours offer fully guided two-night packages in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia, through which you can contribute to the protection of its Little Penguin Colony, which is the largest in NSW (as is its fur seal colony – and you’re also likely to see humpback whales between June and November). Tours operate all year round, but you’re most likely to see the penguins during spring and summer (conservation tours focus on revegetation work outside breeding season).

Alternatively, you can go the self-guided route and book either the five-bedroom or three-bedroom cottage to relax, create some home-cooked meals, and explore the island at your own pace. Either way, it’s a wonderful wildlife escape with views to boot.

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