Recommended by AT readers Nahum and Renee Hall, Tilba Tilba is a timeless town in southern NSW.

The Princess highway bypasses this rural nugget and believe us – this is a very good thing indeed. The halt of progression in this unique town offers a chance to time travel to a perfectly preserved heritage village.

Tilba Tilba came to prominence with the discovery of gold in 1850 and afterwards relied heavily on the dairy industry to thrive. Now a popular destination for holidaymakers travelling around southern NSW, its dotted with art galleries, sweet shops and antique stores to indulge your old-world desires.

It has a knack for preserving its 19th Century charm without being sickeningly kitsch – a skill all on its own. Nearby Mt Dromedary (Gulaga), with its rolling hills and at times eerily descending mist, is crisp and refreshing with a century old cottage nestled between woodlands and flowerbeds.

A semi-taxing walking track to the summit of Gulaga National Park Foxgloves Spires reveals a luxuriant garden nursery built around a farm cottage, complete with cafe and – you guessed it – another antique shop.

Where? // 365km (5hrs) south of Sydney or 236km (2.5hrs) southeast of Canberra.

Did you know? // Tilba Tilba is regarded as so picturesque and unhurried that it has become a popular setting for many advertising commercials.

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