Where is it? 199 George Street, Sydney

How to see it for yourself?

This picture was taken at sunrise through the window of a room on the 17th floor. It’s an especially impressive view of the harbour, favoured by many photographers because it is distant enough to show the all the area’s iconic landmarks while being close enough to ensure these attractions are easily identifiable. But if you haven’t got the cash to splash on a night at the luxury hotel, there are other nearby vantage points offering spectacular views,

Why I love it

“This hotel offers one of the best views available of Sydney Harbour. I waited a week in Sydney before booking this high-priced hotel room, waiting for a particular weather system that would offer a good probability of some incredible light at sunrise. When I first entered the room I was taken back: I had never witnessed such an incredible view of the harbour. It was amazing at all times of the day but certainly peaked at 5.30am when the city started to spring to life. Over the course of an hour or so, twilight hues slowly became glowing sunrise colours, which eventually faded away into plain old daylight as peak hour began.” – Mark Gray

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