BridgeClimb Sydney

Climbing the world’s most iconic bridge has again taken out top spot in the guided tour stakes.

Offering unparalleled views over Sydney Harbour, 134m above the world, this is truly a must-do experience. As one reader explained, “once you get to the top, you’ll know why!”

There are three guided options that take you to the summit; the newest being the Express Climb, which allows small groups of 12 to explore the bridge in just over two hours.

The Discovery Climb however is a three-and-a-half hour experience that journeys to the top along a mammoth staircase between the two arches of the bridge, while the classic Bridge Climb takes you along the outer arch of the bridge, all the way to the summit.



AAT Kings’ Kings Canyon climb and Bill Peach outback air tours (, particularly over Lake Eyre, were clear favourites, hotly contended by Tasmania’s four-day Bay of Fires guided walk ( and Bruny Island Eco Cruise (, through some of Apple Isle’s most pristine coastline.

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