Interested in seeing how the other half lives? What about heading out for some gamefishing off the Sydney Harbour? It’s a bit of a surprise to realise that people actually catch marlin, the king of gamefish off Sydney. What does a Sydney game fisherman’s Saturday look like. Get up, leave home, jump in a boat, head out to see, battle a marlin for up to 12 hours, head back home, jump into bed at home. I could and had never imagined it possible. It’s a bit unusual and cool if you ask me.

I am not a fisherman, let alone a game fisherman. I would like to be, without the hours of boredom in between. Funny cause I love playing cricket yet fishing boredom is not my type of boredom. I prefer grass growing than rhythmic wave lapping boredom. They do both require patience and but a bloody great boat helps make the fishing boredom bearable.

Which is how I found myself to be on board MV Pisces seven miles from Sydney Heads. The Pisces is chartered out to lucky punters by Motor Yacht Charters Sydney. It is the fantasy boat of the insanely rich and glamorous.

A sexy beast really; leather trim that could whisper sweet nothings, gleaming wood panelling, a massive double bed in the bow and when the MYCS guys stock it out, a damn great way to spend the day even if you do not catch anything. This is my kinda fishing.

The trip out the heads to Seven Mile reef is short and I laze around on the back deck enjoying the spring sun. The lines are dropped and the guys talk through how it all works. It’s a fascinating world and they are fairly honest telling me it’s not likely anything will strike. And nothing does.

But that doesn’t matter cause I got to enjoy the millionaire’s dream for a day. I spend a day on a glorious boat, with glorious food and wine without a care in the world pretending to be the rich and glamorous ignoring that tomorrow I am back to the old car, rental house and bills.