Chalk Urban Art Festival: Art is moving away from being showcased on the walls of the average white-cubed gallery, and is being reclaimed by the streets. In particular, by the footpaths.

Urban Art has been slowly separating itself from the street graffiti we find spray-painted or scribbled on public transport or empty alleyway walls. Instead, nowadays, it’s becoming accepted as a form of communication – and even high art.

To celebrate this difference, from Thursday September 4 to Sunday 7, the pavements of Darling Harbour’s Tumbalong Park and Chinese Garden will become canvases for 40 artists taking part in the Chalk Urban Art Festival.

The four-day event will be a buzz of creative activity and will become a colourful playground for artists to go wild – but the only medium of art they’re allowed to use as part of the competition is chalk.

This colourful event has drawn crowds of more than 120,000 people in the past three years and is expected to draw a lot more this year. The individual artworks will become a part of a search for the Champion Pavement Artist for 2008, who will be awarded $5000 in prize money.

Passers by will also be given the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice Award, so get down there and browse through some of the creative artwork that some of the artists have spent hours producing.

Not only is it about chalk art, but there will also be 20 designers who will be showcasing their wearable art along catwalks of the Urban Music Stage. You can also wander in and out of a number of urban fashion stalls that will be set up for the duration of the festival, as well as be fed from the food stalls that will also be on hand.

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