AT’s Alissa Jenkins soothes a broken heart with a one-of-a-kind massage (no, not one of those).
When I was offered a Perfect Gold Body Massage at Sydney’s Observatory Hotel, I couldn’t blurt out “yes, oh please yes!” fast enough. After all, anything that involves ‘gold’ and ‘massage’ in the same name is sure to be a deliciously decadent experience… Right?

Right. But when the big day arrives, my hopes of happily spending the afternoon lapping up luxury are suddenly shattered when my phone goes off. It’s a text. From my boyfriend. “We need to talk…” the message begins. And we all know how that conversation ends… (Side note: we now refer to him as “the ex”.)

As I walk through the hotel doors, all I want to do is curl into the foetal position and hibernate for ten years. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) that’s not an option right now, so I swallow the giant lump in my throat and concentrate on the hotel’s beautiful marbled entrance. The calm and elegant atmosphere is almost comical in contrast to my thumping heart and racing mind. Perhaps sensing my turmoil, the concierge gently ushers me to the elevator.

But by the time the elevator doors open to the day spa, things are looking up. The gentle lighting, calming aromas and smiling staff are enough to have me feeling somewhat better immediately; even more so when I’m given a chilled glass of lemon-infused water, handed a fluffy white robe and matching slippers, and shown to the women’s change-rooms.

So distracted by the luxury of the bathroom area, I’m momentarily distracted from the fact I’ve just been dumped. Yep, it’s that good: think towers of perfectly folded white towels, marble bench tops, down lights, and plentiful bathroom accessories like luxurious shower gels and hairdryers at your disposal.

All robed up and back in the quiet day spa foyer, I meet my masseuse, Rebecca. She’s petite and friendly, but her firm handshake suggests I shouldn’t underestimate the strength of her tiny frame. I follow her back into the elevator and down another level, before being guided through a dimly lit corridor to my massage room. AKA, my new happy place.

It’s cosy. There’s a small sink and bench positioned to one side, an oil-burner glows in the corner, and between the four, lavender-painted walls, a massage bed takes centre stage. Soothing sounds play overhead.

I’m tense, but Rebecca gets to work, starting with my legs. I can’t tell you the technical details about what moves she did exactly and what muscles she specifically focused on – I had my eyes shut, trying to think about anything but my personal life. But what I can tell you is that it felt amazing. Just about every inch of my body was massaged, then nourished with Perfect Gold body cream, containing actual 24-carrot gold leaf particles.

Yes, I was a walking, talking, somewhat emotional Gold Logie. The gold is believed to be particularly hydrating for the skin.

This signature service is new to the Observatory after partnering with Parisian beauty brand, CARITA earlier this year.

The entire massage takes 90 minutes, but there is a 60-minute version also available. Despite the unrelated heartache, my body felt amazing afterwards (even my shoulders which are often subjected to muscular knots). My skin was not only glittering, but feels super soft and hydrated.

Better still, the hotel also now offers a Perfect Gold Facial, too. My next boyfriend’s going to love my skin…

The Details:
Alissa was a guest of the Observatory Hotel
89-113 Kent Street, The Rocks, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9256 2222
Prices: 60 minutes = $175, 90 minutes = $200