Treat the entire family to something special on your next lazy Sunday and save money at the same time. By Tara Murphy and Rochelle Hinton.

believes that Sunday is by far the best day to get out and enjoy a fun, action-packed day with the family. Sleep-ins, roast dinners, no work . . . Sunday is about enjoying all the things that are good in life.

But if you live in Sydney, you would’ve come to terms with the fact that it is über-expensive. Parking for a day is the equivalent of a week’s rent in any other major city. So when AT came across The Sunday Funday initiative put on by the state government we got very, very excited and wanted to share it with our readers, to let all the families out there know of at least one cheap way to fill in those lazy Sunday afternoons.

The deal works like this: basically, you can take your family anywhere on public transport on Sunday for $2.50 per person. All day, everyday, on buses, trains and ferries. On the downside, you actually have to have a family and travel with your offspring to use this deal. However, see this as a cheap family bonding experience that also means your house won’t be messed up while the kids are bored at home. For those lucky enough to be childfree (or unlucky, depending on your views) and unable to take up this great deal, there are always other families willing to let you borrow their kids for the day – in fact, they may even pay you. (Another way to pick up some extra cash in these lean times.)

So the main way to enjoy this Sunday is cheaply – and that’s exactly what AT is going to do. First stop: Cockatoo Island. Pack a yummy picnic lunch and go savour this while enjoying the stunning views of Sydney Harbour. Next Sunday: The Blue Mountains. Escape the hustle and bustle of city living for the calmness and serenity that only nature can provide. Take the kids’ bikes for a ride, or simply their running shoes for a trek high into the mountain. Teach them to appreciate the beauty of nature, without emptying your wallet. Following this, there are many other adventures you and your family can share come Sunday: head to Cabramatta to tempt everyone’s tastebuds with the delicious varieties of Asian food on offer; head to Olympic park for a day full of action-packed sporting activities; or take a beach-towel and a book for a relaxing day at Wollongong beach. All in all, plenty of activities that will entertain your family for little cash . . . and hopefully tire the kids out so that, come Sunday night, you can enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet while they snooze in bed.

DETAILS // Family Funday Sunday, $2.50 per person on all trains, buses and ferries throughout Sydney and nearby regions. Click HERE for more info