Travel writer Angeline Nicholas recounts her all-time special meal: Degustation with Dad at Tetsuya’s, Sydney, NSW

When I turned 13, my father started taking me along on his business trips during the school holidays. I was a gawky teenager, with awkward pigtails and big metal braces, but I felt like such a grown-up as we ate in restaurants with white starched tablecloths, where waiters called me ‘young lady’.

Over those many trips and countless meals, my father helped develop my lifelong passion for food.

As an adult, who grew up into a travel writer, I made my way through dozens of degustations across the globe… but there was one that kept eluding me, even though it was in my own home town – Tetsuya’s. Then, when I came home for Christmas one year, Dad announced he’d managed to secure a booking and just like old times, we sat down at a white-clothed table for two.

I, now a bona fide grown up, savouring each splendid course, and him, mildly interested in the food, but enjoying the pleasure it was giving to me.

Tetsuya artfully combines French techniques, Japanese flavours and the best produce he can lay his hands on. Each course looks deceptively simple, yet is bursting with mind-boggling flavours.

Save this meal for a special occasion or perhaps when you want to feel like a grown-up, even if you are a gawky teenager with awkward pigtails and shiny braces.

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