AT’s Aimee Chanthadavong takes a bite of sugary perfection in East Sydney’s favourite patisserie, Sweet Infinity. Tucked in a quiet street among suburban homes, with a mechanic right across the road, Sweet Infinity is definitely a hidden secret of Woolloomooloo in Sydney’s groovy inner east.

The shopfront, artfully lined with baskets of French baguettes and pastries, gives passers by every impression of being just another quaint little cafe. But, upon entering, the orange walls extend to the back revealing a large decked-out open kitchen that surprises and delights.

When I arrive, Leanne Beck, pastry chef and owner of Sweet Infinity, is madly organising – along with two helpers – what seems to be a large order: white pastry boxes stacked up on top of one another, all ready to be filled.

“Everything’s made fresh here each morning,” says Beck.

And she does mean everything. Chocolate mousse, caramel slices, tiramisu and brownies sit waiting behind the glass counter for customers to take their time, and take their pick. Beck keeps the pie menu interesting by rotating between seven gourmet flavours, including: roast pumpkin and fetta; choriza, roasted capsicum and tomato; and – my favourite – lamb and pea, all freshly made in the kitchen.

I’m particularly taken by the lamb and pea; it’s a hearty parcel that makes a great dish for the upcoming winter. The lamb has been cooked so well, it shreds in pieces without effort.

But Sweet Infinity’s signature piece, one that has brought regulars like Russell Crowe to his knees, is the lemon meringue tart. The mini bite-sized serving is like tucking in to a toasted marshmallow; the centre just oozes out before you get a surprise kick from the soft, tangy, citrus filling, all held together by a shortbread-style pastry.

On Mother’s Day, Sweet Infinity offers a special: ten mini lemon meringue tarts for $22, which are normally priced at $30. The treats will also be specially wrapped, making it the perfect gift for Mum..


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Sweet Infinity // 53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo. 02 9331 2448,