Hello Kitty’s Cafe’s burger-flipping digs in Sydney’s northern suburb of Chatswood proves cute can indeed be cool.

There’s nothing like a side of frivolity with your burger and what could be more fun than a Hello Kitty diner?

An ambassador for all things whimsical, Ms Kitty is a much-adored international icon and thus she rightfully deserves her own restaurant.

Sydney design team Luchetti Krelle were tasked with the fit-out for the Chatswood eatery that merges American diner style with Australian aesthetics and, of course, a healthy distribution of Kitty glitter.

While such a project could easily tip over to a gaudy, over-the-top abomination, Luchetti Krelle kept a light touch and worked with Tokyo-based Hello Kitty creators, Sanrio, to deliver a space that’s cool, stylish and restrained with white tiles and timber textures.

Even if you’re not a card carrying member of the cute cult, you can appreciate the diner’s mash-up of kitsch and elegant design.

Of course, Hello Kitty is as much about substance as she is style and the menu designed by Chur Burger’s Warren Turnbull ensures the food gets as much Instagram attention as the custom wallpaper, tableware and neon Kittys.

Channel your inner Japanese schoolgirl and head along for a pancake shake.

The details: Hello Kitty Cafe, Chatswood

Where: The District – 438 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW.


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Design firm: Luchetti Krelle

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