As one of Australia’s most recognisable landmarks, exploring the Harbour Bridge is a must-do for visitors and locals alike. But to truly appreciate the grandeur of this structure and the harbour it spans, join a BridgeClimb experience and get on top.

Building an icon What does it take to create an icon? When it comes to Sydney’s beloved ‘Coathanger’ the answer comes in the form of some impressive numbers, starting with eight years to build, 1400 workers, more than 10 million pounds, and an enormous 52,800 tonnes of steel.

Incredibly, in 1923, when construction began on the project to bridge the harbour between the City and North Sydney, engineers had the foresight to imagine a growing city, bestowing the road carriage with eight traffic lanes and two railway lines.

While today the Bridge is supplemented by the Harbour Tunnel, the sheer scale of the build remains breathtaking. There’s no better way to experience this than to slip into a harness and take to the arch on foot on a BridgeClimb.

As you exit from the pylons onto a narrow walkway below the road deck, it’s exhilarating to feel the vibrations of trains trundling above as the harbour sparkles beneath. A few short ladder ascents later and you’re on the famous arch heading toward the summit and one of the most incredible views of this dazzling city.

With each step, the cityscape sweeps out in all directions, showcasing the skyline, the harbour and her islands, and farther-flung suburbs. From up here, take in the bustle of Sydney’s Circular Quay and the harbour.

Spotting Sydney checklist

Keep a look-out for Sydney’s must-see destinations while you’re on your climb. For out-of-towners, it’s a great way to find your bearings in the city and her suburbs, and even Sydneysiders will delight in locating their favourite haunts from high above.

*Luna Park and Milsons Point: On the north side, you can spot Sydney’s famous Luna Park complete with swinging Pirate Ship and Ferris Wheel. The surrounding area is a perfect waterfront picnic spot.

*Manly: From the summit of the Bridge, you’ll spot Sydney Ferries taking off to the northern beach of Manly, nestled just beside North Head. Be sure to catch the ferry for a day trip by the beach.

*Bondi: One of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi is the Eastern Suburbs’ answer to Manly and a great place to spend a sun-drenched day. You can just make out Bondi dip in the distance as you ascend the Bridge.


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*Barangaroo: One of Sydney’s newest projects in the works, cast your eye around the edge of the city, just before Walsh Bay to see the recently reinvigorated parklands.
Opera House: It’s an obvious one, but that fails to diminish the spectacular sight of this landmark. Once you’ve disembarked the bridge, head over for a tour of the ‘White Sails’.

*Fort Denison: One of the handful of islands dotting the harbour, Fort Denison is an historical point of interest for sightseers, having had many incarnations over the years, from defence duties to fishing spot, and now plays host to weddings and events.



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