Each issue Australian Traveller captures a stunning Aussie location. This time, we look at Ocean Farm on NSW’s South Coast.

The term “infinity pool” doesn’t really do this justice: it’s more like an art installation that you can actually swim in.

Even art lovers will be tempted to vandalise that glassy surface and dive in. True, it might be a tad chilly at this time of year and at this latitude.

You’ll find Ocean Farm, the location in question, between Kiama and Gerringong on the south coast of New South Wales. Two hours south of Sydney, it’s an attractive option for city escapees, so it’s no surprise Ocean Farm is booked most weekends, even at $2500 a pop (though it does sleep eight).

The William Zuccon-designed pool was added in 2007 to a 1984 timber-clad house by William Espie. Swimsuits are optional as you’re surrounded by 350 acres of rolling farmland and rainforest, and there are no neighbours to startle except for the occasional passing cow – or one of the three resident emus. If you like your wildlife even bigger, you may well spot a passing whale: humpbacks migrate north along the coast throughout June and the beginning of July, and return south from September to November. Hopefully they’ll be making an even bigger splash than you.
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