The most remote part of Australia, the Cobourg Peninsula in Northern Territory.

The Cobourg Peninsula is as remote as it gets. Most people fly into one of the wilderness resorts, which means you miss out on the adventure of driving across the great wild expanse of Arnhem Land, where the world’s largest remaining wild herds of Banteng roam the monsoon forests and crocodiles watch as you splash your way through rocky creeks.

The Garig Ganuk Barlu National and Marine Park includes the entire peninsula, and was the first area in the world to be listed by the Ramsar Convention, which ensures the conservation of important wetlands. It’s also the site of the Victoria Settlement ruins, perhaps the first serious European settlement attempt in northern Australia.

The breathtaking coastline is home to some of the world’s best – and most exclusive – fishing spots, since access to the area is extremely limited. One good way to experience this special area is with Venture North, which operates tours from Darwin and Jabiru. This really does feel like the ends of the Earth.
WHERE // Around 570km northeast of Darwin on the Cobourg Peninsula. Venture North tours depart from Darwin and Jabiru (

DID YOU KNOW? // NT consists of 95 different protected areas within 53,505km2. Ten are National Parks, four are Aboriginal National Parks and four more are Commonwealth National Parks.

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