Secret bush camps of Arnhem Land

Davidson’s Arnhem Land Safaris, Venture North’s Cobourg Coastal Camp, and Banu Banu Eco Wilderness Retreat, all in Arnhem Land, NT

Stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and a total lack of pretension – only a privileged few get the chance to come to Arnhem Land, but that hasn’t stopped these three camps from developing cult followings.

A focus on the six-star natural environment, rather than on man-made luxuries, combined with the deeply spiritual feel of the area – the Yolngu people are thought to have lived here for at least 50,000 years – have earnt these experiences rave reviews and long waiting lists.

“If you made a film about Adam and Eve, you could base it here. It’s Australia’s Garden of Eden,” says McEvoy.

Come for the heritage, the wildlife, the adventure fishing, the wilderness, the clear, starry skies… or just for the silence.

“Astonishing and groundbreaking,” agrees Scott. Exactly.

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