100 Best Towns In Australia #13 Alice Springs, NT



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  • Desertchild says:

    Greetings from Central Australia

    I live in Alice Springs, and for years I have been nagged by family and friends to move – to the Central Coast NSW, to Melbourne, to Sydney to Hervey Bay QLD.

    After 30 years of living here I recently retired in February 2009, and now own my own house, have future job security if I want it, beautiful scenery and beautiful people.

    Australia, the bush, is 5 mins from my door step, yet I have a CBD and industrial area that offers me everything I could want, bar some specialty shops.

    The town is a leader in Solar Energy technology (see Alice Solar City website) and I hope this year to have some PV panels installed on my house.

    The people are friendly and laid back, the hospital and health system as good as any in Australia. Alice Springs Hospital is a teaching hospital for Flinders University.

    Alice Springs has always punched above its weight for a small town, servicing as far west as the WA border, south to the SA border and as north as Tennant Creek (570 km).

    Every few years we are host to the Masters Games – the first such Masters Games to be held in Australia. We manage to provide facilities for a huge variety of sports, and thousands arrive for this event.

    I can’t imagine living anywhere else, and in times of economic decline, since I retired 4 weeks ago I have been offered 5 different jobs! People who can’t find work here aren’t really trying.

    It’s a top place – in fact the whole of the Territory is.