Where is it? off the Lasseter Highway, 450km south-west of Alice Springs

How to see it for yourself?

The easiest way to see this sacred monolith is to fly direct to Ayers Rock Airport (Yulara), which is about 22km north of Uluru. Alternatively you can drive or catch a tour bus from Alice Springs with an operator like Travel Aust (travelaust.com.au), which offers daily transfers.
Why I love it: In the Wet

“A rare fall of rain sends water rushing down the gullies of Uluru, fresh and pure and white as the tears of God. I believe this photograph is prophetic to our nation. God is grieved by the terrible division between black and white, and  here, in the very heart of Australia, we see His pain. Australia will only fulfil its rightful purpose if we move together, putting aside our past differences and looking forward to our future. We have to learn from each other.” – Ken Duncan



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