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Northern Territory

Driving Down Memory Lane
Ellen Hill goes for a dusty spin into the past andwinds up in the fascinating National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.


On Set In Darwin
The filming of Australia the Movie wasn’t the first time Darwin has played host to a bit of World War II storytelling. Peter Russell-Clarke recounts his own tale of dive-bombing planes, fake cows . . . and lightly barbecued crocodile.


A Life On Wheels
Jol Fleming is one of the country’s top 4WD experts. He’s a qualified instructor, a natural born explorer, and he drives boldly along the kind of outback trails the average mountain goat would baulk at. All this despite having not walked a single step since a horrific car crash in 1981. 

Luxury Armchair Travellers
When you’re one of the über-rich, you needn’t actually do all those mundane things like actually experiencing a destination, as AT gourmand Peter Russell-Clarke found out at Peppers Seven Spirit Bay.

A Photographer’s Dream Come True
In honour of our luxury issue, AT reader Jocelyn Pride stayed in the lap of outback luxury at longitude 131° to try and capture the nearly impossible: a truly unique picture of uluru.   


Making the Desert Bloom
Kerry van der Jagt shares a tail from the top end with Craig Le Rossignol – the Northern Territory’s newest oil tycoon. 


A Town Like Abdul
Camel burgers and belly dancers in the vibrant heart of the Red Centre . . . it’s everything we’ve come to expect from the legendary Peter Russell-Clarke.


Getting the Best out of Kakadu
Award-winning photojournalist Ewen Bell embarks on a visual journey through one of the most spectacular regions on Earth – with a few tips on how best to follow in his footsteps.  


Time out in Trephina
AT reader Jill Sullivan follows the swirling flight of the budgerigar to the stark, beautiful centre of Australia.


Pushing on to Alice
For AT reader Anne Fitzpatrick, completing a cross-country ride is all a matter of finding a favouring breeze.


Reader Favourite: Longitude 131
AT reader Sue Rea from Galston in Sydney tuned in to Australian Traveller
on the radio, then found herself having the birthday treat of her life at Uluru..

Roy Bigfoot
Gourmet-on-the-edge Peter Russell-Clarke risks crocodile attacks and being run through with a spear to bring you some serious top end delicacies.

The Karma of Garma
Xavier Jefferson has found the least usual and most satisfying five days in the country. Told by people who flock to the Garma Festival from all over the world, these are no ordinary days in paradise.

Business Travel Guru DARWIN
When it comes to camping, we’ve tried to find one site that’s as off-the-beaten-track as possible. Hardened travellers Steve and Alison Kruger reckon it’s hard to go past this remote area of Kakadu.

Remote Camping: Kakadu NP
When it comes to camping, we’ve tried to find one site that’s as off-the-beaten-track as possible. Hardened travellers Steve and Alison Kruger reckon it’s hard to go past this remote area of Kakadu.

Darwin’s Evolution
Bill Bryson scarcely glanced at the Northern Territory capital before virtually writing it off in his epic Down Under. We’re ready to call it Australia’s most underrated city. So someone must be telling fibs.

Portfolio: My Backyard
Outback photographer Steve Strike takes us on a tour of his very, very large backyard. . .


World Exclusive – Sacred Sights 
Anangu Elders from Uluru have give AT exclusive access to publish some of the most secretive rock art in the world (restricted access, subscribe here). 



Great Drives Of Australia:
Some of the greatest drives in Australia are to be found in the Northern Territory.  Here arefavourite drives that take in the NT.


Dapins Diary – Darwin
Frequent Flyer point hoarder, MARK DAPIN wishes he had harbour glimpses of Darwin’s sparkling Arafura Harbour
The Darwin Festival


How to have the perfect Uluru Experience

Our guide that ensures the best possible experience whn you visit Uluru. Compulsory reading for anyone planning on visiting Uluru.
Good Guides REALLY matter.
When you are visiting Uluru, the quality of your experience is very much governed by the quality of the guide. Australian Traveller road test Discovery Ecotours Australia.
Fischers Secret Spot
Mt Sonder NT is one of Tim Fichers secret spots – "you can not see the hand of man at all, just the weaterworn vastness of central Australia".
Singing Dingo – Alice Springs
At Jim’s Place in the Northern Territory, the food’s good but the singer’s a bit of a howler.
Living Large At Longitude
Near the rock, Australia’s most costly campsite is adding some top-end glamour to the red centre.


The Big Wet
Looking for a different Christmas holiday destination? Head to the tropics – where there’s a very good chance of rain.
The Great Indoors
Even the local tourist board’s officer in charge of happy faces would struggle to pretend that, in the tropics during the Wet, people don’t sometimes need to get out of the sheeting rain and inside. Mercifully, there are a few things on offer. 
Kakadu Or Kaka-don’t
An Aussie icon and a world heritage treasure, is not a place for tourists seeking instant gratification. Its rewards are granted only to those who have time to seek them.
Arnhem Land – Dirt Music
In Arnhem Land, where red dirt roads lead to sacred lands, indigenous musicians such as the Nabarlek Band are creating songs capable of crossing cultures and intersecting lives.

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