This category was as hotly contested as The Bachelor with votes being counted beneath sweaty brows before we finally crowned a winner. The Tamar River links Launceston to the Bass Strait, and along this 70km stretch lays the Tamar Valley, home to some of Australia’s best wine producers (Tamar Ridge, Jansz, Josef Chromy to name a few) and a plethora of fine food as fresh as the ocean air that comes roaring up from the coast.

Daytrip out of Launceston and fill your belly along the way to the sea: stop at Hillwood Berry Farm to pick some fresh strawberries, fill up on a tasty range of yoghurts and cheeses from Meander Valley Dairy, pause at one of the wineries for a crisp white then head towards the coast for seafood so fresh it’s still flapping from George Town Seafoods.

Runners-up: Best Food Region

2. Margaret River, WA
3. Yarra Valley, Vic
4. McLaren Vale, SA
5. Central West NSW

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