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First Tattoos, now Osama


It may be debatable whether the caretaker position on Hamilton Island is the “best job in the world” but it certainly has been one of the most high profile job ads ever. Tourism Queensland had the unenviable task of sifting through the 34,684 applications, and 11 shortlisted candidates will be revealed today. 

It’s already a huge success for Tourism Queensland’s new strategy which will see $1.7mill spent on marketing over three years. The $150,000 salary package for the successful candidate is merely a drop in the ocean surrounding picturesque Hamilton Island. The tropical island .
Desley Boyle, Queensland’s Tourism Minister, told Sky News he was “blown away” by the interest in the caretaker role.”A last minute rush saw more than 7,500 applications come in during the last 48 hours making the role… arguably the most sought-after job in the world,” he said. At one point nearly 4,000 people were trying to upload their video at once.
It has drawn international attention and some very unlikely applicants; from a staffer posing as a candidate getting a Hamilton Island tribute tattooed over a Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden impersonators. Even Dean Martin’s son Ricci applied for the job.

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