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We all know what it’s like to live on an island; as Australians, we’ve made our home on the biggest in the world. But, much like missing the forest for the trees, it’s not a fact you’re aware of from day to day. Unless, like self-taught nature photographer Peter Meyer, you’ve settled somewhere like fabled Fraser, the world’s largest sand island. When you’re talking about a 123km stretch of heritage-listed paradise cluttered with dunes, rainforests, freshwater lakes and all manner of exotic fauna, you know you’re on an island. And if you also happen to be a wildlife ranger with a camera – well, it’s no surprise Meyer, one of Fraser’s leading landscape shooters, has called his business Living Gallery Photography. Every day is a wander through the gallery, every sunset an exhibition.

Meyer’s passion for nature photography has seen him crawl across every inch of his island home. Since the day in 1997 that he was handed a battered and used SLR camera, he’s been intent on sharing with the world his unique take on this stunning ecotourism destination. Your entrance to the gallery starts right here.



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