Whales and humans have lots in common in this sunny town north of Brisbane. Both are friendly and calm and don’t appear to be hurried by life. Both love the water, although admittedly one can hold its breathe for way longer, and both love Hervey Bay. Unlike other towns they pass through, whales tend to spend up to two weeks at a time in Hervey Bay from July to November playing in the shallow waters.

Close enough to feel as though you could step across to it, the World Heritage-Listed Fraser Island interrupts the deep blue horizon of ocean and sky just off Hervey Bay.The island is the world’s largest sand island is one of the only places where rainforests grow through the sand on the edge of flowing creeks and freshwater lakes. Back on Hervey Bay, there’s a local museum and historic village that shows what it was like in the region in the 19th Century before the town grew up to become a summer holiday favourite.

Hervey Bay has a merry old-time feel about it and people greet each other cheerfully as they walk down the main drag next to stretches of beaches perfect for swimming, fishing, relaxing, or stepping off into the vast expanse further north of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Where? //
320km (4hrs) north of Brisbane.

Did you know? //
Hervey Bay was originally part of the cattle station, Toogoom Run, in 1854. Boyle Martin was the first permanent resident of Hervey Bay when he settled there in 1863 and it later became popular with Scandinavian immigrants, who called it Aarlborg.

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