Spotting a koala in Australia isn’t that hard. But what about a blue-eyed one? Now we’re talking.

Of course the world famous koala is native to Australia, but spotting one in captivity elsewhere in the world isn’t all that hard. But how about a blue-eyed one? Not quite so easy. You’d have to come to Australia for this exclusive sight, more specifically to Dreamworld, the home of Frankie, the world’s first and only blue-eyed koala.

Born in April 2007 and named after the equally famous blue-eyed Sinatra, Frankie emerged from his mother’s pouch and bedazzled his keepers with his bright blue countenance.

Whether his eyes are due to a remote genetic strand or a random event is yet to be determined, but while koalas can be found in the wild throughout Australia (except Tas and WA), bear in mind that Frankie is the world’s only known blue-eyed koala. There might be more out there, so keep an eye out.

And since koalas are also close relatives of the wombat, perhaps we might also see a blue-eyed wombat in the near scientific future.

Where // Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Qld. (07) 5588 1111,

Did you know? // The koala has an oddly proportioned brain cavity size, with 40 percent of its cranium filled with fluid and the brain itself only the size of two walnut halves. Which could explain the look on its face the whole time.


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