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Importing specialty pasta-making machines from Italy, hand rolling gnocchi and keeping family recipes on hand to whip up fresh sauces is all part of the job at Pastificio Fellini on the Gold Coast.

The directors of Pastificio Fellini all starred in the terrific “Italian Job” photo shoot, above.

For the Percuoco family, nothing is too much trouble when good food is involved. The boutique pasta factory is one part of what they call their “Italian job”: bringing fresh, elegant cuisine to the Gold Coast. The factory sits behind Ristorante Fellini, their popular eatery, and is all about putting passion into pasta. Judging by the advertising campaign, they like to have fun with their food and it’s paying off.

Alongside suppling the kitchen, Pastificio Fellini’s products are exported around the country and overseas. Each day master pasta maker Raffaele Di Benedetto prepares common varieties of ravioli and tortellini but adds duck and crabmeat stuffing for something a bit different. Spaghetti, fettuccini, conchiglie gigantic and squid ink conchiglie are available too but saffron linguette is the big seller.

Anna Cacace is the resident sauce maker and she pairs the traditional Italian pasta with a light cream sauce.

The team at Pastificio Fellini wants to get everything right – using additive-free flour mixed with spring water high in minerals to replicate ingredients used in Italy.

Where: Waterfront Level One, Marina Mirage, Seaworld Drive, Gold Coast. (07) 5531 0300, www.fellini.com.au

Did you know: The directors of the company all starred in the terrific “Italian Job” photo shoot, which can be seen at www.fellini.com.au.

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