Australia’s most profound wildlife secret

Swimming with Minke Whales, Great Barrier Reef, QLD

These incredible creatures weren’t even known of until the early ‘80s, and though scientists still don’t know much about them, they do know this: minke whales love to play. They were only discovered, in fact, because reports kept surfacing of mysterious creatures who would come within a few feet of divers, looking to interact with them!

Now, it’s known that each year between May and August they visit certain spots in the Great Barrier Reef, and if you’re in the right place at the right time…

“This is such a magical experience, and only a handful of people get to do it every year,” says Franks. “You engage with them when you swim with them, and for me… just that experience of connecting with the underwater world, it’s amazing.” Around 300 people get this privilege each year – no more.

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