Where is it? Muttaburra to Lake Dunn, Qld.

There’s no better way to get an insight into the bushman’s psyche and a feel for the Australian landscape than to hop on a horse and join an outback cattle drive. The annual Harry Redford Cattle Drive covers 200km from Muttaburra to Lake Dunn via Bowen Downs and Aramac in central Queensland. It follows in the hoofprints of legendary bushranger and cattle thief Captain Starlight (Harry Redford), who sequestered up to 1000 head of cattle from the Scottish Australian Company and drove them to South Australia along the Strzelecki Track.
“Fantastic fun. Simon Bryant and I did something very similar with the Great Cattle Drive when we were filming The Cook and the Chef.” Maggie Beer
This year’s drive takes place between May 7 and 28 and promises 19 days of bowed legs during the day and tall tales round the campfire at night as you drive 600 cattle alongside experienced drovers.


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