Artworks use to be displayed on the walls of art galleries. Not any more. AT looks at a great new way artists are choosing to display their works: on bodies Walking Canvas

It’s sometimes difficult to feel comfortable standing naked in your own skin – but try doing it (almost) completely naked in front a crowd of spectators who’ve come to just stare at your body!

You’d have to be one brave soul to model as a canvas for make-up artists, painters, sculptors, designers and fashionistas as part of the 2008 Australian Body Art Carnivale in Eumundi, Queensland.

Held on the weekend of September 20-21, artists will participate using airbrush, sponge and brush to get the special effects of art in form of face painting through to full body painting for this year’s body art competition themed “The Natural World”.

“It will be a unique opportunity to watch Australia’s best full body artists and face painters do battle,” says event organiser Peter Homan.

Aside from the serious body painting, the Carnivale will also feature traditional Aboriginal body painting, wearable art and photographic competitions – so there’s plenty of art to suit different tastes.

But even if you aren’t an art guru, you can join in on the various workshops that will be running throughout the weekend where you can learn a thing or two. And who knows? Body art might turn out to be a hobby you’d like to pick up.

The weekend will also be a great place to just enjoy a spring weekend soaking up the atmosphere, eating carnival food and listening to live music and entertainment.


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