100 Incredible Travel Secrets #59 Cooktown, QLD



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  • Hiya!
    Who’s Thomas Cook?

    I think you need to change it to Captain James Cook 😉

  • Loz says:

    LOL you need to do some serious research before putting these things up any website about Cooktown will tell you its James Cook, I should know my dad used to run the James Cook Museum 🙂 You did get the beautiful part right though.

  • Loretta Sullivan says:

    I was wondering the same thing Sarah.
    We really do need to get the facts right and this type of incorrect information can do a lot of damage to a small community struggling for recognition of our historical past.

  • Richard Lee says:

    Thomas was James Cook’s uncle. James brought the first cruise ship, the HMB Endeavour to Oz.

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