Ok, so you’ve snorkelled yourself silly and are looking for a new adventure; or perhaps you’re looking for a nice way to ease the kids into it. We’ve got the solution: river drift snorkelling in the Daintree.

Picture this: floating along in crystal clear water, ogling tropical river fish while exotic butterflies and birds flap overhead underneath the rainforest canopy. A true ‘eco-immersion’ experience, river drift snorkelling is a fantastic way to really experience the dynamic, intricately balanced ecosystem of one of the most ancient rainforests on earth. For about two-thirds of the year, the river is nice and gentle, while the wet season sees the pace pick up a little. It’s fantastic for families to do together, and little ones can use a flotation device to spare them the hard work and allow them to simply enjoy the experience.

You might even spot a resident platypus or terrapin turtle, brilliant blue Ulysses butterflies, or an Azure Kingfisher, bright orange-breasted and resplendent in royal blue. This is definitely one for the memory bank – particularly as the ecosystem faces future challenges.

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