Traveller reports from the Mantra Reef And Rainforest Carnival Port Douglas QLD

Mantra Reef & Rainforest Carnival


Port Douglas May 2007


AT has been flown in to celebrate the beginning of the high season in Tropical North Queensland and in these exclusive reports from the Carnival we tell you what’s happening.


About the Carnival
To celebrate the end of the wet and therefore the beginning of the most important season in the town’s life the carnival was launched 14 years ago. It is a week-long festival that has umpteen events associated with it.

Day One:
The street parade, being blessed, celebrity spotting on the Four Mile Beach and Fat Albert of the Daintree.



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Low Isles:
Visiting the Low Isles on a Chinese Junk, spotting turtles and hanging with Merv Hughes.


Kuku Yalanji:
How to feel stupid [and still enjoy yourself] while walking around an ancient rainforest.


Karnak Theatre:
Lunching with the ladies at an iconic outdoor cinema.

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