Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Great Australian Holiday Homes

If you’re after a traditional holiday experience, you’ve come to the [w]rong place. But if you’re looking for something contemporary, complex, fascinating and absorbing, this is definitely the [W]right House for you. Experts in environmentally sustainable design, Charles Wright Architects constructed this four-bedroom masterpiece in 2007 as a mathematical tribute to the pioneering aerial success of the Wright Brothers – which meant a lot of intense fiddling around with Fibonacci spirals, the Golden Ratio and fractal generation. The result is a vast, single-level, open-plan home with vaulted ceilings and sweeping beam-work that confounds utterly, and makes you feel as though you’re holidaying inside a living, breathing modernist sculpture.

Built to be the private holiday home for Charles Wright and his extended family, it has become a landmark in the heart of Port Douglas, and any stay here should be considered a rare treat indeed.

Details // Beachfront Mirage Estate, Port Douglas, Qld. From $1200 per night., (07) 4098 1418.

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