Catch your own dinner at Black Point in South Australia

To make a list of Great Things To Do In Australia, beaches are a little handicapped. Since we have so many of them, a beach has to have something a little more than just beautiful white sand and gorgeous turquoise water. Out of South Australia, the Yorke Peninsula doesn’t get the attention it deserves for its fantastic beaches. And Black Point makes this list for its additional activities.

As the sun sets and the tide is out, grab a snorkel and mask and head out to the shallows where you can catch your own scallops. Just look for the fan shells with two sides and you’ve got the freshest and tastiest seafood dinner well on the way.

Plentiful in the area at the right time of year are crabs as well: crabbing season, according to local advice, is any month with an “R” in (with the best being February to April). Black Point is well and truly the home of the Aussie seafood platter.
WHERE // Black Point is 165km via road from Adelaide and only 70km directly west as the crow flies across the Gulf of St Vincent.

DID YOU KNOW? // The Jump Stump Plough was invented and perfected by the Smith brothers of the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. The museum at Ardrossan, 23km north of Black Point, houses an excellent collection of this important Australian innovation.

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