In the middle of three and a half acres halfway between Laura and Wirrabara north of Adelaide sits the Old Bakery Stone Hut.

Dennis and Margaret Wheatley moved the bakery to their property five years ago from nearby Wirrabara. The old stone hut on the site dates back to the days when mail coaches trundled past and is the property’s namesake. Today, loyal customers travel to the new site of this old bakery for a range of homemade treats.

Margaret says Saeid’s camel pie, made using a spicy Iranian recipe, is a popular lunchtime choice along with the roo, venison and rabbit versions.

Crocodile pies were once on the menu but proved too expensive to keep making, and we’d imagine the meat more difficult to source.

It’s not just the pies that make this a worthy pit stop. The quandong strudel, baked fresh onsite every day, is an interesting way to try the native bush berry known to be a bit bitter.

The well-stocked cafe has a pantry attached – bypass soaps and chocolates for tins of tasty treats. Crocodile, emu and kangaroo pâté from Frank Foods in Monteith come packed and ready to be eaten.

Where: 1 Main Rd, Stone Hut SA. (08) 8663 2165,

Did you know: Make sure your meat comes from a chilled out camel; when they’re strung out and stressed, the beasts have darker meat that doesn’t taste as good.

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