Australian Traveller magazine  reader Andrew Dunn lives at Mile End, works in the Adelaide CBD, and reveals for us a hidden secret for those South Australians in the know.
Andrew Recommends…..
Ky Chow Restaurant
82 Gouger St, Adelaide, (08) 8221 5411

In this day and age of multiculturalism, an Aussie restaurant can be – and more often than not is – a restaurant of any ilk. So, my absolute and all-time favourite unheard of restaurant is the Ky Chow. Needless to say, the Ky Chow is an Aussie Chinese restaurant – but not of the old, gluggy and stodgy Australianised style. Instead it’s very much of the fine and very tasty style of its homeland.

Ky Chow is a little “shop front” restaurant located just along the street from Adelaide’s magnificent Central (produce) Market and on the edge of Adelaide’s Aussie Chinatown. Around the corner from the Hilton Hotel on Victoria Square – the geographical centre of the city. Ideal positioning.

For those in the know – and they’re the ones that eat at Ky Chow – this an absolute culinary gem. The menu is magnificent. The decor comes in cafe Formica and plastic, but all is forgiven when the food arrives. A variety of student wait staff provides happy if brisk service. An absolute Aussie treat. Adelaide’s favourite unheard of Aussie eatery – absolutely!

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