He’s done it again. The man who skateboarded across Australia in 2006 has just completed his second odyssey, this time paddling the length of the Murray River from source to sea. 
Way back in 2006, we wrote about the adventures of UK man Dave Cornthwaite as he attempted to raise money by skating his longboard across Australia. His successful completion of that odyssey earned him a Guinness World Record, and now he’s back in Australia and up to his old tricks – with a slight twist.

On December 19, he emerged from the mouth of the Murray River and paddled his way to shore, having just completed a 2476km source-to-sea expedition along the length of Australia’s largest river.

His latest odyssey was a combination of paddling and walking as Cornthwaite searched for answers as to why the mighty Murray is becoming decidedly less mighty, seemingly by the day – since sustained drought in the region has threatened the lifeblood of the Murray and its wetlands.