Little known, but causes huge smiles

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience, Baird Bay, SA

Swimming with sea lions of the Baird Bay colony (on the western side of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula) is fantastic fun – for us, certainly, but even more so for them.

These lovable, curious creatures are so intrigued by us that they’ve begun bringing their babies over to ‘meet the humans’ – and what a heart-warming experience that is.

Sea lions are hilarious mimics: you plunge to the bottom, they’ll watch, then copy. You swim one way; they’ll follow.

“If you’re not convinced, check out the video of the experience on their (admittedly dated!) website,” says Rickard. “That will change your mind.”

As a bonus: bottlenose dolphins also live in the area, so it’s fairly likely you’ll find yourself coming face to fin with one (or many) of them during the same experience.

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