So this one’s not for everyone. But for the adventurous or the merely curious (and very brave), being immersed into their world may just bring a new understanding of great white sharks and their place in the grand scheme of nature. While we’ve been taught to view these magnificent beasts as blood-hungry predators – which, well, they kind of are – they remain sorely misunderstood and feared in a way that goes far beyond the threat they actually pose. Kids and non-adrenalin junkies can watch from the safety of the boat.

Port Lincoln is the place to go for cage diving in Australia – the large colonies of New Zealand fur seals draw the sharks to the waters around the Neptune Islands.

Try these

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions – After surviving an horrific shark attack in the 60s, Rodney Fox went on to become an advocate and protector of great whites, setting up the Fox Shark Research Foundation as well as his expedition company, which offers overnight expeditions between two and five days long.

Calypso Star Charters – These one-day tours stream live footage from the six-person shark cage to the saloon on-deck, so no one misses out on the underwater action.

Adventure Bay Charters – This operator uses audio vibrations to attract the sharks to the boat (apparently AC/DC is a favourite!) on full-day tours.


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