When getting to Granite Island, located off the coast of picturesque Victor Harbour about 100 kilometres south of Adelaide, the journey really is as important as the destination. Why? Because not only is this little island connected easily to the mainland by a long wooden causeway, but you can hitch a ride on a horse-drawn tram. A team of Clydesdale horses share the workload, doing a couple of shifts a week each, and the trams run on roller bearings to make it nice and easy for them. The set-up has been running since 1894, is the only one of its kind in the world, apparently, and a hit with the kids.

Once you get to the island, you can spend the day hanging out with penguins, seeing and learning about the rescue penguins at the Penguin Centre, or doing a guided tour at dusk. The traffic isn’t only different on the way over to Granite Island – penguins have right of way here, too!

The details

You can purchase tram tickets for Granite Island from the Victor Harbour Visitor Information Centre or on board. Bookings are essential for the penguin tours. 08 8552 7555;

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