Where is it? 112km south-west of Adelaide, SA.

When you live in a country with so many great endemic species, seeing them in a zoo just doesn’t cut it.
If you’ve ever got international guests you want to impress with marsupial sightings, head to Kangaroo Island. More than a third of the island is Conservation or National Park, and there is so much wildlife here that even locals avoid driving at night. During the day, visit Seal Bay to see a breeding colony of about 600 sea lions, or go on a 4WD animal-spotting tour with an operator like Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours.Many KI animals are nocturnal, so night tours are often most rewarding, offering spottings of little penguins, tammar wallabies, brush-tailed possums, western grey kangaroos, boobook owls and echidnas.
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