Are the Flinders Ranges, in northern South Australia, one of the most underrated destinations in Australia? Steeped in physical beauty, rich in history and a natural playground for adventures of all types, the Flinders have got it all.

“South Australia at its best.”
– George Negus

Including (and this is not an exhaustive list): ghost towns and ghost stories; ancient Aboriginal art and rich Dreamtime stories; Outback towns and activities; caves; canyons; gorges; walks; tracks; deserts; opals; steam trains; and even volcanoes. In any event, it has far too much to mention here.

“Accessible and starkly beautiful Outback.”
– Suzi Petkovski

Perhaps well known enough to stand alone, in the northern ranges you’ll find Wilpena Pound. A remarkable natural amphitheatre, it’s an almost perfectly formed bowl hemmed in by steep peaks all around. While it looks for all money like a meteorite crater, it isn’t. Originally a huge dome, pushed up 650 million years ago, it has since been eroded to form the Pound.

Did you know?
Arkaroola, a privately operated eco-resort of considerable renown in the northern Flinders, operates one of the country’s largest privately owned astronomical observatories, offering “Tours of the Universe.”

How to get there
See Stay at a truly great Aussie Pub.

Best time to go
Anytime. The Flinders Ranges see very little rain, but when it does rain, it buckets down, so check the weather every day.

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