Travel the Pichi Richi Pass by Afghan Express

What better way to enjoy the winding landscape of South Australia’s Pichi Richi Pass than by losing yourself in a 1930s daydream?

Lulled by the antique clattering rhythms of the Afghan Express as it makes its way along the oldest remaining section of the famous narrow-gauge Ghan railway, this is like travelling in a living museum.

Make yourself comfortable in the distinctive timber-bodied carriages, including those of the original Ghan, pulled by the restored steam locomotive NM25. And if that kind of lazy enjoyment’s not enough for you, if you want to get really close to the heart of the engine, then you can actually volunteer to be a train driver: The Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society’s volunteer members operate, maintain and manage the railway and are always looking for helpers.

Give them a call on (08) 8254 6514 or check out for more info.

WHERE // Travels between Quorn in the Flinders Ranges and Port Augusta.

DID YOU KNOW? // There are several versions of how the Afghan Express was named. One says that in 1923, when a sleeping carriage was included on the train for the first time, an Afghan passenger rushed off the train in Quorn to a quiet corner to pray. A railwayman joked that the train should be called the Afghan Express, which was later shortened to The Ghan.

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