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Their people have lived off the land for tens of thousands of years, so if you want the key to unlocking all our country has to offer, an Indigenous Bush Tucker Tour is the way to go.

Replace your daily orange with a Kakadu plum – it’s the world’s richest source of Vitamin C.

Whether it’s finding the rivers flushed with fish, a tree teeming with ants or berries that won’t leave you poisoned, Indigenous guides certainly know their stuff.

In the shadow of SA’s Flinders Ranges, the Coulthard brothers welcome people into their community to learn the Adnyamathanha ways. Their company, Iga Warta, runs seasonal bush tucker tours where you’ll learn about native plants and their uses in food and medicine.

If you thought bush tucker tours were all about witchetty grubs, watch the brothers tackle bigger game; on hunting tours you’ll learn how to hunt kangaroos and emus in a humane way. But if you really do want to taste witchetty grubs (they taste pretty good for a caterpillar), ask the staff to BBQ some up for you.

For something a little less creepy crawly, journey 1.5hrs north of Broome to Eco Beach. The Yawuru and Yardoogaru are the traditional owners of the Cape Villaret area, whose people once lived off the sea. Today Lawarrdu Indigenous Cultural tours show visitors how to catch and cook Kimberley mud crab using traditional techniques.

Picking up crabs with pincers the size of your hand might sound daunting but the smell of the meat being smoked is definitely worth a bite or two. 

Where: Iga Warta via Copley, SA (08) 8648 3737, www.igawarta.com
Lawarrdu Indigenous Cultural Tours, Eco Beach WA, (08) 9193 8015, www.ecobeach.com.au
Did you know: Replace your daily orange with a Kakadu plum – it’s the world’s richest source of Vitamin C.  
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