Where is it? In coastal heathland and sclerophyll forest, Tas

These tiny screeching scavengers are a sight to behold in the wild. Nocturnal, carnivorous, and none too fussy about what they eat, the devil’s powerful jaws mean they can scoff their prey’s bones, feathers and all, whether they be wallabies, carrion, reptiles or whatever else was silly enough to wander by. Silently watching a Tasmanian Devil going about its nightly business – fighting, screaming, sneezing, coughing and playing – is a real treat, especially if they don’t even know you’re there.
Instead of stumbling blindly through the bush, you can see devils “in the wild” at Kings Run, an 830-acre property based just south of Marrawah on Tassie’s north-west coast. With approval from Tasmanian Nature Conservation, the tours run five nights per fortnight. Road kill is laid out and you watch feeding time from a hide-out in an old fisherman’s hut.
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