Score: 8.91

There was much debate in the office about whether this deserved its own ‘spot’ in the list; it is, after all, a stop along the East Coast Escape (see #3) and the location is an integral part of its appeal. But it takes something extra to be voted the top luxury lodge in Australia – especially by a panel who’ve been to them all, and more than once – and Saffire Freycinet really does have a unique appeal. “It feels like home… but home, if home was perfect,” Craig Tansley muses. “There’s something so comfortable about it… yet so effortlessly stylish at the same time. That’s what makes it so unique.” Or, as Catriona Rowntree puts it, it’s “the ultimate gift certificate.” Speaking of which, our birthday is coming up. More info: Saffire Freycinet.


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