Anyone can hike the stunning Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, number 73 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘. Nominated by: Andrew Bain, travel journalist.

The real hidden travel treasures are tucked away for hardcore trekkers only to find – right? Not according to Andrew Bain.

“The only way in to the Walls of Jerusalem is on foot, but it’s not a hike that needs to be epic,” he argues. “It’s like the Overland Track you can have without walking the Overland Track – less known, less busy but with mountains just as impressive.”

Walk for a day to the tent platforms at Wild Dog Creek and set up a base camp; then you can explore the mountains and walls without needing to lug a heavy pack around. And that means you can bring some treats you wouldn’t normally think to bring, “like red wine,” Bain suggests.

If you want further luxuries, like food drops, pre-set tents and a knowledgeable guide so you don’t have to consult a map, Australian Wilderness Adventures have a six-day trip through the lakes, wildflowers, plateaux and mind-bogglingly spectacular mountain peaks and sheer walls of rock that make the park so unique.

Don’t think you have to keep your visit for the summer months, either.

“My favourite moment here was when I hiked one winter with friends,” Bain recalls, “and one night we had a two-foot dump of snow. We had the whole place to ourselves, and the snow was so fine and powdery that even the wallabies were falling over in it.

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