A century-old homestead nestled under shady trees, this isn’t just a beachside break – it’s an island paradise. Three Hummock Island has no shops and no traffic; in fact the local environment is so pure here, Three Hummock Island is said to have the cleanest air in the world.

The house itself has been newly renovated, but maintains a rustic charm. Using solar and wind power, it has its own organic vegetable garden and comfortably sleeps up to 14 guests in five bedrooms. But our favourite feature is the large sundeck – where you can barbecue the day’s best catch, while soaking up spectacular sunsets over the sea.

But don’t watch every sunset from your balcony – you also need to get down to the island’s settlement area at dusk, as penguins nest nearby and can be spotted waddling home after a day at sea. Surrounding forests are largely untouched and offer some incredible hikes; while white sand is just a 50-metre walk away. There’s a plethora of other pristine beaches and bays nearby to while away the days, too. Bliss.

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