Where is it?

On Tasmania’s north-east coast, 275km north of Hobart How to see it for yourself

How to see it for yourself?

From St Helens (where you should buy food and fuel if camping), take Binalong Bay Road to the signposted turn-off to The Gardens, a hamlet at the northern end of the Bay of Fires Conservation Area. This is a 13km stretch of coast down to Binalong Bay that forms the southern section of the Bay of Fires.

Why I love it

“The landscape is so wild and beautiful. Red lichen-covered rocks contrast briliiantly with white sand and turquoise water, and there is so much animal and bird life. If you want a total change from the city, this is the place I’d recommend.” – Elisabeth Knowles, editor, Australian Traveller


Image by Nigel Honey on Behalf of Tourism Tasmania

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