MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), of course, is a must-do when you’re in Hobart, but what else do locals do when they’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Janelle Noble, MONA Pavilions manager, shares her top 5 Hobart secrets that are must see and do’s.

1. Mount Field NP

This national park is only one hour’s drive from Mona. It has amazing scenery, a wide range of native wildlife and picturesque alpine vegetation. Russell Falls is a must-see!

2. Shene Estate

Be captivated by the beauty and atmosphere of this true historic gem. As well as being a remarkable heritage property, Shene it is also one of Tasmania’s newest distilleries.

3. Pigeon Hole Cafe

A boutique cafe serving delicious local and seasonal produce sourced as much as possible from Weston Farm, which conforms to organic and sustainable farming practices. Pigeon Hole has great coffee, too!

4. The Nook

Browse through unique home décor, giftware, fashion and jewellery at The Nook, almost all supplied by talented local designers and artisans.

5. Hops, Hooch & Heritage tour

Exclusive to in-house guests, this tour includes behind-the-scenes experiences at historic properties. Hear about beer and whisky production, visit Moo Brew, feed trout and salmon where they were introduced to Australia, and roam centuries-old gardens. See Bespoke Tasmania

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