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Paddy’s Castle, The Balconies, The Chimney Pots, Venus Baths – crazy imaginations those early walkers had. These are the names of just a handful of the many tracks that clamber all over this sandstone range, which rolls and breaks like waves high above ferny gullies. A walker’s paradise in spring, summer and autumn, and snow-bunny playground in winter, The Grampians, known by indigenous people as Gariwerd, is culturally important as a rich gallery of Aboriginal rock art. Pause in wonder before Larngibunja (Cave of Fishes), or Ngamadjidj (Cave of Ghosts). Stay in a luxe lodge and strike out each day, or camp as you tramp. And, of course, make a point of visiting Dunkheld, the tiny town at the foothills of the southern end of the Grampians National Park with the multi-award-winning Royal Mail Hotel (complete with new, well-received head chef Robin Wickens).

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