The name says it all. Holy Goat Cheese deserves its self-proclaimed divinity – and the only expletives you’ll hear are when someone discovers that their favourite fromage frais has sold out.

 “Amazing product from two women determined not to destroy the artisan quality of their product by becoming larger. Their La Luna is probably the best cheese in Australia.” – Alla Wolf-Tasker

Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda’s organic chèvre hails from some very content herbivores grazing on the granite plains of Sutton Grange, just south of Bendigo in the middle of Victoria. This might otherwise be known as thoroughbred country but at Sutton Grange it’s all about the goat.

Maggie Beer calls them “wonderful, wonderful producers”, while Matt Moran is similarly effusive, dubbing them simply “brilliant”.

The fresh goats milk curd is soft and silky, borrowing from the French slow lactic acid fermentation for a full-bodied texture and taste. Black Silk, an ash coated curd, has a tangy acid finish to offset a creamy texture. The mature Veloute oozes from a white mould shell after maturing for three weeks and is certainly worth the wait. Watch out for La Luna, a wrinkly yeast rind cheese sometimes released wrapped in chestnut leaves. But Silk is the real show stopper. No fancy foil or herb dusting needed – this plain goats curd speaks for itself.

Where: Stocked at farmers markets and delis throughout Victoria and NSW, Holy Goat’s origins are at Wooroomook, 112 Redesdale Rd, Sutton Grange, Vic. (03) 5474 8289,

Did you know: Goats curd can be used as a low-fat substitute for cream in dishes and tastes great spread straight on toast.

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